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If you believe you were fired or harassed in violation of state and federal employment laws, Our Lawyers Can Help.

Firm Overview

MICHAEL J. BONONI: The Bononi Law Group has two partners here that have a half a century of jury trial experience between them. Between Bill Waldo and myself, we’ve been representing both companies and individuals in courtrooms, litigating cases in front of juries for over half a century. As a lawyer, one of the things we do is we counsel our clients. We tell them whether they should settle cases, whether they should file lawsuits, whether they should try their cases. And if a client doesn’t have confidence and can’t communicate with their lawyer, then that relationship is doomed from the beginning. We make sure that all of our clients get the type of communication and interaction they need with us. A lot of times, a phone call to a lawyer early can solve a lot of problems. And we pride ourselves on making time to give everybody 15 minutes. And we found that a lot of times, giving people advice upfront, explaining to them what their rights are solves issues and can even prevent litigation.

Why Hire Bononi Law Group?

You can choose among many California law firms when seeking an attorney for your employment law matter. Here are four reasons you should consider Bononi Law Group.