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Dee Ann Fujioka Client Testimonial

DEE ANN FUJIOKA: When I began looking for an attorney, what was of most importance to me was finding an attorney who could really capture the complexities of my case, feel good about the fact that he was on the right side of it, and be able to present it in a compelling way. Bill’s personality and character as a professional is intense. He pays attention to every single detail and yet manages not to get lost in it. I think that’s an extraordinary attribute and one that I would’ve been lost without. The attorneys at Bononi Law Group helped me with a whistleblower and disability discrimination lawsuit. It was a very complicated matter. And it would’ve been easy for them to get bogged down in the details. And yet the details are absolutely essential to the effective prosecution of the case. And truly, their intelligence and their care was indispensable. In lesser hands, we absolutely would’ve failed. There’s no question in my mind. They’re pretty amazing.

Why Hire Bononi Law Group?

You can choose among many California law firms when seeking an attorney for your employment law matter. Here are four reasons you should consider Bononi Law Group.