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For more than two decades, the employment lawyers at Bononi Law Group have been obtaining successful results on behalf of clients throughout California. Below are some of the reasons why employers don’t want you to hire us. If you want to hear what our clients have to say about us, check out our client testimonials.

We have secured:

  • A $1,898,000 jury verdict in an age discrimination lawsuit against Roche Pharmaceuticals
  • A $1.3 million jury verdict in a sexual harassment and retaliation case against CenCal Beverage Co.
  • A $1 million dollar verdict against a hospital for retaliatory termination against policy
  • A $1,378,000 jury verdict with a finding of malice which resulted in a $4 million settlement against a large financial institution
  • A $1,987,417 jury verdict for sexual harassment against a large employer in the Central Valley
  • A jury verdict in excess of $1 million on behalf of a partner in a property tax assessment firm for breach of fiduciary duty
  • A jury verdict in excess of $3 million in an insurance coverage dispute
  • Scores of favorable settlements on behalf of employees in harassment, discrimination, whistleblower and wrongful termination cases

We have negotiated for the:

  • Settlement of a sexual harassment and retaliation claim for $4 million against a large corporate employer
  • Settlement of a multi-plaintiff race discrimination and harassment case against a large food manufacturer for $2.5 million
  • Settlement of a retaliation claim against an entertainment company for $1.5 million
  • Settlement of multiple sclerosis disability discrimination claim against a clothing manufacturer in excess of $1 million
  • Settlement on behalf of a high level executive against a corporate employer for retaliation in excess of $900,000
  • An $18 million dollar settlement on behalf an entertainment company concerning right to broadcast NASCAR races
  • Settlement of a medical condition discrimination lawsuit venued in Orange County for $850,000
  • Settlement of a whistleblower lawsuit against a major health care provider for $4,152,000
  • Settlement of a disability discrimination lawsuit against a publishing company for over $1 million
  • Settlement of a sexual harassment lawsuit on behalf of multiple plaintiffs against a real estate development company for over $1.4 million
  • Settlement of a disability discrimination lawsuit against a financial conglomerate for over $4 million
  • Settlement of over $1 million for a sexual harassment and retaliation lawsuit against a large defense contractor in San Bernardino County

We have served as:

  • Lead counsel for either plaintiffs or defendants in well over 600 discrimination and harassment lawsuits spanning more than 20 years

We have handled the:

  • Representation of two major law firms in employment-related disputes with former employees as well as representation of at least three plaintiffs with employment-related disputes against law firms
  • Representation of a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge in two lawsuits involving partnership disputes
  • Representation of a major Los Angeles-based aerospace company in a civil and criminal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) proceeding
  • Representation of a Fortune 50 office equipment manufacturer in a toxic tort case
  • Representation of a Fortune 50 grocery retailer in a $12 million pension fund arbitration
  • Representation of a Los Angeles law firm in an action arising out of a multimillion-dollar acquisition of an entertainment company
  • Representation of a Japanese automobile manufacturer in a cutting-edge email privacy case
  • Defense of a major bus company on claims arising from an accident that caused the deaths of six people and injured 49 others, resulting in over 50 lawsuits and settlements in excess of $20 million

Media stories:

Bononi Law Group has handled numerous employment cases that have publicized in the media. Read about them on our In The News page.

Although prior results do not guarantee success or a specific dollar amount in future cases, our work on behalf of former clients has helped build our knowledge of the courtroom and California and federal employment laws, as well as our litigation and negotiation skills that we use for the benefit of all our future clients.

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