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Is Your Employer Using A Company Reorganization To Illegally Target Protected Employees?

Unfortunately, some California employers will use company reorganizations and reductions in force (RIF) as an excuse to illegally discriminate or retaliate against employees who are otherwise protected under the law.

At Bononi Law Group, LLP, we truly believe you deserve as much information as possible should your employer decide to fire you for discriminatory or retaliatory reasons and blame it on a company reorganization. After all, without this knowledge, how can you be expected to make informed legal decisions?

With this in mind, we recently published a white paper titled Downsizing And Discrimination: An Illegal Combination. In it, we explain:

  • The federal and California laws that protect employees from discrimination or retaliation during a company reorganization
  • The different classes of “protected employees” under federal and California law
  • The legal process for enforcing your rights should your employer try to illegally terminate your employment during a reorganization
  • The damages you may be entitled to as a victim of illegal employer discrimination or retaliation

We invite you to download this white paper for free. Make sure you know the facts when you are illegally targeted during a company reorganization or RIF.

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