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Whistleblower protections and retaliation

By virtue of the Dodd-Frank Act, employers cannot retaliate against people classified as "whistleblowers." In other words, if you made statements about the wrongful actions that are happening in your workplace, you might qualify for protection under federal law. This protection would serve to prevent you from losing your job and/or suffering other adverse actions as a result of your divulgence of information about legal violations or immoral conduct committed by and/or sanctioned by your employer.

Does Facebook help employers commit gender bias while hiring?

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Communications Workers of America (CWA) union have initiated a lawsuit against Facebook and other defendants because of the Facebook platform's ability to target only men for job opportunities. According to the ACLU suit, which included ten employers, the defendants have used Facebook to single out men for specific job campaigns, which is a violation of employment discrimination laws.

Is it legal for Hooters to only hire female waitresses?

Sex-based discrimination happens to men, women and transsexual employees alike. It can even happen while employers are seeking to hire a new employee. There have been many arguments about sex discrimination over the years and whether employers have the right to engage in it during hiring. Barring certain exceptions like Hooters, the employees who were discriminated against prevailed. So, why is Hooters able to get away with it?

The National Defense Authorization Act

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) is similar to the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) in that it provides various benefits to deployed military members with families -- primarily the right to take unpaid leave without fear of losing one's job. The NDAA covers employees who have children, spouses or parents serving actively in the military.

What are my enviornmental law whistleblower protections?

Imagine you witness your boss, your coworker or a corporate policy that it is anything but ethical and is hurting the environment. In fact, the behavior is so horrible and damaging that you find it completely unconscionable and illegal. You want to report the behavior, but you're afraid something will happen to you as a result -- that maybe you'll lose your job or get demoted.

How do I file a whistleblower complaint?

There might come a time during your career where you will need to blow the whistle on something unethical or illegal that your employer is doing. There are protections in place, specifically the Whistleblower Protection Act, that legally protect employees from retaliation by their employer should they bring attention to an issue. If you feel you've been retaliated against, you can file a complaint against your company.

Woman asserts her whistleblower rights: $1.2 million award paid

A wrongful termination lawsuit resulted in a $1.2 million court award for a woman who was fired from her job in May 2012. The plaintiff in the lawsuit -- who formerly worked for Fallbook schools as the information technology director -- filed her lawsuit five years ago.

Age discrimination: What to do before you sue

You never thought you'd be the victim of workplace discrimination, but age discrimination is something that can affect everyone who tries to stay in his or her job after the age of 50. Perhaps you were passed up for an opportunity you were qualified for because a younger -- but less qualified -- colleague also wanted the position. Perhaps you got fired because they thought you were too old to get the job done.

Whistleblowers can seek protection from wrongful termination

You probably didn't think your company was breaking the law when you got hired, but during the course of your employment, you found out that your company was making a lot of legal "missteps." After it weighed on your conscience for some time, you decided to file a report with your boss' boss so that the unlawful behavior would stop. The next thing you know, you're out of a job.

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