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Helping Health Care Workers Who Were Wrongfully Discharged

Employers in the health care industry are barred from wrongfully terminating employees in California. The health care industry must follow both state and federal employment laws. When a health care employer wrongfully discharges an employee, the employee may be entitled to compensation that includes lost wages, lost benefits and punitive damages.

Bononi Law Group, LLP, is in Pasadena, California. Our lawyers have handled hundreds of wrongful termination in health care claims, many of which have been claims against health care employers in California. If you’ve been a victim of wrongful termination by a health care employer, our experienced health care termination attorneys can help. Contact our employment lawyers or call the Pasadena office at 213-550-5503 today.

Wrongful Discharge In The Health Care Industry

As with any other industry, heath care employers may not terminate an employee because of race, gender, sexual orientation, age or disability. If your employer discriminates against you and you lose your job as a result, you likely have a discrimination suit against your health care employer.

Health care employers also may not fire you for reporting sexual harassment or for supporting another’s allegation of sexual harassment in the workplace. Very strict laws prevent an employer in the health care industry from discharging an employee.

Other examples of wrongful discharge in the health care industry include termination based on:

Holding your health care employer responsible for wrongful termination will not only provide you with the compensation you deserve, but will also help prevent future employment law violations against health care employees.

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