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Were You Terminated While On Maternity Leave?

Were You Demoted Or Fired Because You Are Pregnant?

While pregnancy leave is a parental right under the California Family Rights Act (CFRA), employers don’t always adhere to the rules surrounding leave. In some serious situations, a mother or father may be terminated during or after pregnancy leave. When this occurs, it’s important to speak with a Southern California lawyer at Bononi Law Group, LLP.

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Federal And California Pregnancy Leave Laws

Wrongful termination or retaliation for taking rightful pregnancy leave is not allowed under the CFRA or the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). There is a fine line, however, between being fired for pregnancy leave and being fired or terminated for other reasons. There is also a possibility that an employer may terminate a female or male employee for taking leave, which is unlawful.

There are a lot of complexities surrounding pregnancy leave. The right of employees to take pregnancy leave without retaliation or termination is often complicated by outside economic factors of the business and pregnancy discrimination.

Our California lawyers have significant experience helping employees with all issues surrounding pregnancy leave. Bononi Law Group, LLP, is recognized throughout Southern California as a leader in employment law and pregnancy discrimination disputes.

In addition to the legal representation we provide to employees who have been fired, we understand that employers have rights with regard to pregnancy leave. Our LA attorneys help employers with FMLA and CFRA compliance and complaint issues.

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