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Protecting Whistleblowers In The Workplace

As a California university employee, you have certain rights to report misconduct or illegal employment actions. If you report such violations and your employer takes action that harms your job, including termination, threats or coercion, as a result of the report, you have protection under the California Whistleblower Protection Act.

Wrongful discharge and retaliatory termination are not allowed based on the protection under the California act. The skilled employment law attorneys at Bononi Law Group, LLP, have extensive experience handling whistleblower protection claims in Pasadena and throughout California.

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California Whistleblower Protection Act Basics

The California Whistleblower Protection Act seeks to protect California university employees from retaliation after a complaint. The goal is to provide adequate protection that encourages employees to report employment law issues.

While the act specifically protects university employees, other whistleblower protection laws guard other employees, not just state university employees, from action by an employer after reporting serious violations, illegal practices or public policy issues.

For example, an employee has the same protection when reporting a safety or public policy violation, such as an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) violation. After an employee reports an illegal act or practice, the employer cannot take action or threaten to take action against that employee.

When Your Employer Acts Illegally, Contact A California Employment Law Attorney

Employment protection laws can be confusing for employees. If you have been terminated or retaliated against for reporting an illegal act by your employer, you may have important rights. Whistleblower protection laws aim to protect the most vulnerable employees — those who take action to hold an unethical or illegal employer accountable.

If you’ve been the subject of adverse employment action after reporting questionable conduct by your employer, it is in your interests to contact our experienced California lawyers. Our attorneys will also work with employees who have questions about reporting illegal actions or public policy violations.

Whether you are considering reporting the activity or have already done so, contact our employment law lawyers or call the California law office at 213-550-5503.

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