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Health Care Whistleblower Protection

Health care billing violations are serious crimes. Illegal billing defrauds the state and federal government of millions of dollars each year. Private insurance companies are also regularly the target of illegal health care billing practices.

Bononi Law Group, LLP, attorneys help clients understand their rights under whistleblower protection laws. We can also help employees who have faced retaliation by their employers for reporting health care billing violations.

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California Retaliation Protection Under Whistleblower Laws

If you notice that your employer is illegally billing health care claims, you have protection if you report it. Whistleblower protection is generally extended to employees who wish to report their employers.

Whistleblower protection shields employees from employer retaliation such as demotion or termination as a result of reporting illegal billing. Wrongful termination because you told law enforcement or other enforcement groups about medical billing violations is illegal.

Medical professionals engage in a variety of illegal billing practices, costing the industry millions of dollars every year. Such practices include:

  • Reporting an excessive number of claims
  • Lying about health care treatment
  • Billing federal Medicare and Medicaid for fake treatments or appointments

Reporting illegal billing practices helps to improve the medical industry by preventing medical billing fraud. If you have questions about how to protect yourself and your job after noticing billing fraud, contact Bononi Law Group, LLP.

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