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Protecting Whistleblowers Against Retaliation

The term “whistleblower” was originally used to describe an individual who reported the illegal actions of a company or corporation that was defrauding the government. Over the years, however, the definition has expanded to identify anyone who reports corporate or business crimes that are being committed without the knowledge of the victim.

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A whistleblower may disclose financial fraud, health or environmental violations, or anything else that is illegal or against public policy. Whistleblowers have disclosed:

  • Fraud in government purchasing and procurement
  • Toxic waste disposal in violation of environmental laws and regulations
  • Sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Misuse of company funds by directors and officers

In addition to employment retaliation, whistleblowers often experience threats or acts of violence. Consequently, whistleblowers act in secret and are protected by state and federal law. To qualify for protection under the law, a person need not report an activity that is in fact a violation of law or public policy. The employee must only reasonably believe that the activity being reported is in violation of the law or public policy.

In addition, to obtain the protection of the whistleblower statutes, a disclosure must be made to someone outside of the company. The whistleblower statutes do not cover complaints made internally, though retaliatory conduct based on internal disclosures may be protected in other ways.

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