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Pregnancy Discrimination Cases

Both employees and employers often experience confusion when trying to fully understand employees’ rights upon pregnancy. Pregnancy can involve laws under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), as well as laws governing medical leave, employees’ rights when children are sick, fathers’ paternity rights, gender discrimination and other complex legal issues.

  • Has your employer threatened to retaliate against you if you take time off under the FMLA?
  • Do you need to take medical leave before the birth of your child?
  • Do you wish to take family leave as a father?

Contact the Pasadena employment law firm Bononi Law Group, LLP. Our firm is highly regarded throughout Southern California as a pre-eminent employment law firm, serving the comprehensive legal needs of both employers and employees in pregnancy rights disputes.

Bononi Law Group, LLP, has represented hundreds of employers and employees in pregnancy rights disputes. For a no-charge consultation, call 213-550-5503.

How We Can Help

Our firm works directly with clients to investigate disputes, to provide counsel regarding rights and strategies, and to provide aggressive representation and advocacy in negotiations and in court.

In addition, we provide in-house training and seminar services to help firms understand employees’ pregnancy rights and to provide training regarding federal and California pregnancy laws. Often, the most cost-effective way to manage employees’ pregnancy rights is to avoid disputes.

For more information regarding our firm and pregnancy rights, call our office at 213-550-5503.

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