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Discrimination Based On Association With a Disabled Loved One

Discrimination for association with a disabled loved one is illegal. An employer cannot discriminate against, fire or refuse to hire an employee because a family member is disabled.

If you have experienced workplace discrimination because of your loved one, Bononi Law Group, LLP, can help. Our Pasadena discrimination association attorneys have helped hundreds of clients fight for their employment law rights in California. Contact our Pasadena law firm or call us at 213-550-5503 today.

California Disability Discrimination By Association

Employers may not discriminate against you because of the expense of a disabled loved one, such as the expense of adding the loved one to a health insurance plan. Employers must also not discriminate or adversely alter your employment because of disability association if your loved one has a genetic or serious disability that may be passed on. Employers are also prevented by law from discrimination in employment because your disabled loved one is a “distraction.”

These three forms of disability discrimination are illegal. Your right to associate with a disabled loved one is clear. If your employer uses your relationship with a qualified individual to demote you, terminate you, harass you or refuse to promote you, contact our Pasadena attorneys immediately.

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