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Multiple Party Work Discrimination Claims

In the U.S., it is illegal to discriminate in the workplace based on gender, race, national origin, disability, pregnancy, medical condition, age, religion and other factors. Additionally, in California, discrimination based on sexual orientation is illegal in most instances.

Despite clear and often-enforced laws, workplace discrimination is common. Sometimes it is obvious and even intentional, like the refusal to hire or promote due to pregnancy. Sometimes it is more subtle, like relegating Latinos to subordinate positions in restaurant work. Whether subtle or overt, discrimination is illegal and should be investigated immediately.

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Is A Class Action Lawsuit Appropriate?

Class action lawsuits are invariably complex, requiring the investigation of numerous defendants and plaintiffs over time, the identification of all potential defendants, and the managing of hundreds and even thousands of documents. Our track record in handling class actions has resulted in numerous five-, six- and even seven-figure awards and a fair result for hundreds of clients.

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