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When Meal Break And Rest Periods Are Denied

California’s meal break and rest period laws can be confusing to employers and employees alike. Most parties understand that breaks and rest periods are mandatory under many circumstances, but confusion can occur in a variety of circumstances:

  • When work stints exceed five hours (“Do I get one break or two?”)
  • When work stints exceed 10 hours (“Do I get more than one lunch break?”)
  • When written agreements are allowed to supersede legal guidelines (“Under what circumstances can I ask my employee(s) to waive rights to a break in writing?”)

Legal Help Regarding Workplace Break And Rest Periods

If you have questions regarding meal breaks and rest periods, talk to one of our attorneys. Our practice is focused exclusively on employment business law and litigation. Our attorney team has resolved hundreds of individual and class action disputes regarding meal break and rest period laws.

Our team is comprised exclusively of experienced employment law litigators who have worked with employees and firms throughout Southern California. Our negotiation and litigation skills have yielded numerous high-value awards, as well as frequent recognition on the California SuperLawyers list and The Best Lawyers in America list.

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