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Did your employer refuse to let you have a lunch break?

Let's say you went to work on time every day for the last three months in a row. You even worked a massive amount of hours in overtime. The problem is, while you were working, your employer refused to let you have periodic meal breaks and rest periods. You have been left exhausted and working under tough conditions.

Late hourly wages and failure to pay wages claims

Under the California Labor Code, hourly, salaried and commissioned employees are subject to different payment standards. However, there are some general guidelines that employers must follow, and failure to pay an employee at the appropriate time could lead to an unpaid wages claim.

Can your employer withhold part of your tips?

Employees who are given cash tips often don't have much trouble collecting them promptly and without issue, especially if the tips are just left on tables for the specific employees, rather than put into centralized tip jars. However, customers are paying with credit cards more and more often in the modern day. These do have lines where tips can be written in, but they change the collection process.

Does your employer have to pay you for breaks?

If your employer offers a break schedule, then they usually have to pay you for short break periods that are under 20 minutes. Typically, employers might create policies that allow employees to take restroom, coffee or other breaks that last five to 15 minutes. These are not the same as lunch breaks.

Do you know how to calculate your wage or salary?

One of the first steps in understanding whether you are being paid correctly is being able to calculate your hourly wage or annual salary. If you are paid hourly, there are times you might need to know how much you earn per week, per month or per year. If you are paid an annual salary, you might want to convert that to find out how much you are paid hourly.

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