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What if my employer ignores my sexual harassment complaint?

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2022 | Employee Rights

In California and across the United States, sexual harassment in the workplace is being taken far more seriously now than it used to be. The “Me Too” movement is a fundamental aspect of that. However, despite complaints being granted the seriousness they deserve with investigations and sanctions, there are still obstacles to getting many workplaces to address the problem.

People who are being sexually harassed are advised to tell their employer and ensure it is on the record with human resources or whatever complaint processes they have. Still, victims often ask what they can do if the employer is either taking too much time to investigate or is not doing anything at all. Professional assistance can be necessary to hold those who broke the law accountable.

Apple reportedly responded slowly to sexual harassment claims

Apple is one of the world’s most well-regarded companies because of the quality of its products, innovation and attention to detail. That does not mean it is up to date in every aspect of its operation. According to recent reports, the company is accused of failing to react appropriately when complaints of sexual harassment were made.

Allegedly, 15 female employees said they were harassed or victims of sexual misconduct. When they complained, they said the company’s response ranged from indifferent to hostile. One incident involved a woman who had too much to drink, and was brought home by a male colleague who proceeded to take pictures of her without clothes after she fell asleep. Another asserted that a male co-worker was sending her inappropriate messages non-stop. Some women still work at the company, others do not. They allege that the companies believed the managers over the women. The company said it is changing how it handles these issues to better address them.

Workers should know other strategies if they are sexually harassed

Even if a worker tells their employer about sexual harassment, they should also bear in mind that they have other avenues to combat the treatment. Sexual harassment is a legal violation based on Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It also violates state law with the Fair Employment and Housing Act. Workers can do more than simply inform their employer and hope for the best. Filing a complaint with the state or a federal agency goes beyond simply telling the employer. It gets the incident on the record and might spur greater action from the employer.

People must be cognizant of their rights when there is sexual harassment taking place. In addition to the obvious remedies like telling the employer and reporting it to the state or federal agencies, it is wise to have legal guidance. Professional representation will assess the case from the victim’s perspective and try to find solutions that benefit them.

Even though more people are coming forward to report sexual harassment and companies are showing greater resolve in rooting it out and stopping it, incidents are still happening with little to no response from many employers. To have assistance with pursuing a claim, it is imperative to talk to qualified people who know the law and what can be done regarding workplace violations like sexual harassment.

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