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Wage, hour and break protections for California workers

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2021 | Employee Rights

It is important for workers in California to be familiar with their rights as employees. They should understand their wage and hour protections, as well as the breaks they are entitled to, and how to ensure those rights are not violated.

Wage and hour protections for workers

When workers are not paid for the hours they have worked, it is referred to as wage theft. It is important that wage and hour requirements are honored so that workers receive the wages and compensation they have earned. All hours over 8 in day or 40 hours in one week, in most occupations, need to be paid at the time and half overtime rate. In some situations, double overtime must also be paid.

Break rights for workers

Workers are entitled to receive certain rest and other breaks. For every four hours worked, workers are entitled to receive a paid 10-minute break. In addition, if they have worked over 5 hours, they are also entitled to receive a 30-minute lunch break. Workers also have certain rights in regards to paid sick leave.

It is important for workers to keep track of the hours they have worked and to know the wage and hour laws. They should also check to ensure they are compensated for the hours they have worked at the correct rate and know that employment laws may be able to protect them if they are not appropriately compensated according to the law and have instead been shorted in terms of their compensation or breaks. Employees work hard for their money and deserve what they have earned.


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