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Longtime Disney executive says he faced workplace discrimination

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2021 | Workplace Discrimination

Throughout California, employment law violations and allegations of workplace discrimination is an ongoing problem. It even happens in executive jobs. This is true despite there being a possible perception that only vulnerable employees and people who might be reluctant to speak up are victimized. Even those who are in relatively high-profile jobs can be terminated, be denied promotions, be paid less or be harassed due to race, gender, sexual orientation, how they identify and more. Even though people are increasingly willing to protest when they face any form of workplace wrongdoing, issues still arise. For anyone who is confronted with this problem, knowing what can be done is essential.

Disney vice-president says he faced anti-gay discrimination

A vice-president at Disney claims that he was discriminated against because he is gay. He has been working at the company for 27 years. He received his promotion to VP Production Finance in 2000 and it was at around that time when it became publicly known that he was gay. He says that once that happened, his career path stagnated and he has been in the same position since. He sought promotions and complained to human resources with no success in changing his situation.

Other department heads received promotions in the intervening years when he did not. For him, the decision to sue came in April 2021 when others were promoted and he, again, was not. He also thinks that he is paid less than other department heads and his title is lower than theirs. He is asking for punitive damages, compensatory damages and for the company to pay legal costs. The damages might be significant if it is determined that his failure to be promoted cost him pay raises commensurate with the higher positions.

LGBT workers should be aware of potential discriminatory behavior

Workplace discrimination and other employment law violations can happen to anyone for any reason – even those who have been with a high-profile company for many years and run a department. People in the LGBT community are increasingly willing to express themselves freely. However, that can still lead to various forms of discrimination including being paid less and not receiving promotions they believe they earned. For help with gathering evidence and preparing for a case, particularly against powerful employers, consulting with those experienced in discrimination cases may be needed.


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