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Maimonides Medical Center settles discrimination lawsuit

The Uniformed Service Employment and Reemployment Rights Act protects those in the armed forces from employment discrimination when called to active duty. Under the Act, a service member may not face discrimination because of prior service, current service, on an intention to serve.

Lieutenant Colonel Louis Rego, a pharmacist at Maimonides and a US Army reservist, claimed that he faced such discrimination when he was let go from his position in 2017.

He received notice that he was being terminated just seven weeks after he returned from a three-month stint on active duty. Maimonides informed Rego that his position was being terminated as part of a cost-cutting measure. However, not long after, the hospital posted a job opening for his previous position and began hiring other pharmaceutical staff.

Rego proceeded to file suit and now the 109-year-old medical institution must pay him $195,000 in lost wages, according to the settlement. Staff must also receive regular trainings on the provisions of the USERRA.

Employees have rights

We all have professional goals, and we shouldn’t be prevented from achieving those goals just because the color of our skin, our religion, or gender.

Thankfully, under California law, employees have rights. They can file a lawsuit against their employer if they believe they were prejudicially terminated or denied advancement.

The first step is hiring an experienced employment lawyer. They can analyze the facts of your case and craft a bespoke legal strategy that emphasizes the client’s unique objectives.

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