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Is age discrimination a big issue in California?

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2021 | Age Discrimination

Many people don’t realize the prevalence of age discrimination in the workplace until they are in their 40s. Some people stay oblivious without realizing they are losing opportunities because of age discrimination. You need to know what to watch out for to protect your work-related goals.

Declined for training

Stay aware of what’s going on at your workplace. If you asked to receive training, and your employer told you it’s not within the budget, but you later find out a younger colleague was able to receive more training, this is a big red flag. You are likely experiencing age discrimination. Some employers want to invest more in the younger employees because they expect them to have more years ahead of them in the business.

Negative remarks from others about your age or generation

Another form of age discrimination is when colleagues make negative comments about people of your age or from your generation. They may even direct the negative comments about you specifically. You can take legal action against this type of unfair treatment.

If you hear these types of negative remarks at work, begin keeping a journal of what people are saying, the time and date they said it, where they said it and the context in which they said it. This will help an employment law lawyer determine whether or not age discrimination is occurring. It also helps them build a stronger case for you if you take legal action.

Women face age discrimination sooner

Some studies have found that age discrimination starts earlier for women than men. Women who are 36 can face age discrimination from employers and others. Men can make it into their 50s before employers begin overlooking them.

As you reach middle age, you don’t want to think of yourself as old, but it’s important to protect yourself from age discrimination. If your employer isn’t allowing you to take opportunities for training and unfairly passes over you for a promotion, then you should speak with a lawyer about the possibility you’re a victim of age discrimination.

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