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Motion Picture Association sued over age discrimination

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2020 | Age Discrimination, Blog

Many people in California experience age discrimination in the workplace, but the problem often goes unreported. In many cases, discrimination against one employee is hard to prove unless the employer makes blatant comments about the employee’s age. When a pattern of age discrimination begins to emerge, though, employees may be able to demonstrate that an employer has an obvious bias toward younger workers.

Motion Picture Association sued by former employee

A 45-year-old man who worked as a piracy investigator for the Motion Picture Association has sued the organization, claiming that he was fired for his age and national origin. The Hispanic man began working for the MPA as an investigator in 2002, and he had always been marked highly in performance evaluations. In 2017, a new boss stepped in, and the man says that his work environment began to change.

The plaintiff says that his new boss, a woman in her 30s, took away his public speaking duties and gave them to a younger employee who did not have a Hispanic accent. The plaintiff was also reportedly assigned an unreasonable amount of work, including janitorial tasks and coworker’s assignments that he was not trained for. The man says that he was kept out of meetings and insulted. The toxic work environment allegedly became even worse after the man complained to human resources, and he was fired just a few months after that.

A pattern of discrimination

According to the former MPA employee, he was the oldest Senior Investigator when he was fired, but his job performance was better than all of his younger coworkers. After he was fired, the man says that a young and inexperienced non-Hispanic person took over his position. The plaintiff also alleges that, for the past few years, he noticed older employees were being fired routinely.

Pursuing compensation for age discrimination

Age discrimination in the workplace can be financially devastating for an older, skilled worker who is faced with a termination on their employment history. An employment law attorney may be able to help an individual in this situation to pursue financial compensation for their losses.

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