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Lesser known forms of workplace discrimination

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2020 | Workplace Discrimination

Most people in California know that their employers cannot treat them differently because of their gender, religion or national origin. There are several other protected classes of workers too, including age and race. Some workers might not realize that it is also illegal to discriminate for other reasons.

When considering the 50 most common forms of worker discrimination, discrimination against workers with bipolar disorder comes in at number 21. These workers are protected by the Equality Act of 2010, which is supposed to prevent employers from firing employees based solely on their mental health. But considering that there are approximately 14 million people in America living with bipolar disorder, there are potentially lots of opportunities for this type of discrimination to take place.

On that same list, discrimination based on gastrointestinal disorders ranks at number 32. Workers living with GI disorders might not realize that they are protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Not only is it illegal for employers to discriminate against employees for GI disorders, but they may also be required to provide special accommodations. For example, an employer may need to take a worker with a GI disorder off of duties that involve handling food.

Victims of workplace discrimination sometimes feel hesitant to come forward about their experiences. For some, this may be due to stigma related to their conditions, which is not uncommon among those with mental illnesses or gastrointestinal disorder. This is why it is so important for California victims to find guidance from someone who truly understands their situation.

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