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Deciding whether a wrongful termination suit is right for you

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2020 | Wrongful Termination

Though life is not always fair, some people may feel as if others have treated them particularly unfairly. For instance, you may have had a job that you loved to do, but your employer or co-workers may have made you feel uncomfortable due to your gender or race. You may even have felt an increase in unfair treatment after filing a complaint regarding the discrimination or for other concerning issues in the workplace.

In the end, you ended up losing your job for reasons that you felt were extremely unjust and likely illegal. Now, you think that taking legal action against your employer could suit your circumstances, but you want to ensure that you feel ready to tackle such an undertaking.

Review the circumstances of your termination

First, it is important that you truly believe you have reason to pursue a wrongful termination claim. Some reasons for pursuing such action include the following:

  • Termination due to discrimination based on gender, pregnancy, race, religion, ethnicity, disability or another protected characteristic
  • Dismissal after filing a complaint about discrimination, harassment or illegal practices in the workplace
  • Being fired for participating in an investigation into wrongful actions in the workplace
  • Termination that violates that terms of your employment contract

In some cases, other reasons may exist for filing a wrongful termination claim, but if any of these listed here apply to your case, you likely have grounds for a claim.

Are you ready to tackle a lawsuit?

Though it may seem justified to file a lawsuit against your employer, you should remember that it can be a long, difficult and expensive endeavor to pursue. As a result, you may want to determine what goals you want to accomplish with your lawsuit. Your goals can include getting your job back or receiving compensation for damages, and you may also want the company to change policies or change the way they handle employee-related claims and other actions.

You will then want to determine whether moving forward with a lawsuit would realistically help you achieve your goals. If so, you will want to ensure that you have the time to participate in a lawsuit as well as the means to follow through with it.

Legal pursuits can take years to complete in some cases, and you need to ensure that you can invest the necessary time and effort into your case. Roadblocks from employers are not unusual in these types of cases, so preparing for that possibility is wise. Fortunately, you can discuss the necessary details with an experienced California attorney who could provide reliable insight and advice.

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