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Did pregnancy discrimination turn your happy news sour?

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2020 | Pregnancy Discrimination

Most people have mixed feelings about having children. Some California residents may have known from a young age that they wanted to be a parent, and others may have adamantly known that they did not want kids. Others, still, may have been on the fence until they finally came to an ultimate decision in their adult years.

Whatever the case for you, you recently found out you are pregnant. Whether it came as a shock or a joyous outcome to a plan, you feel excited about welcoming a child into your family. You may have expected your family, friends and other individuals close to you to feel excited for you as well. What you may not have anticipated, however, is the mistreatment in the workplace that followed your announcement.


As a working woman, you have likely faced your fair share of discriminating actions in the workplace. Maybe you received less pay than a male co-worker despite having the same job duties, or maybe you heard inappropriate remarks about your appearance or other gender-related factors from others in the workplace. You may have become adept at handling those types of situations, but you may not have expected the negative reaction to your pregnancy.

Despite women proving time and time again that they are capable of working while pregnant, many still face pregnancy discrimination in the workplace. After informing your boss, or even a prospective employer, about your pregnancy, you may have faced any of the following discriminatory actions:

  • Losing your job soon after informing your superiors about your pregnancy
  • Not receiving adequate medical leave for issues relating to your pregnancy, despite other non-pregnant workers receiving appropriate medical leave
  • A prospective employer not hiring you for a job because you are pregnant
  • Facing retaliation for filing a complaint about pregnancy discrimination at work
  • Facing harassment or dismissal for pumping breast milk in a private area at work after having your child

Of course, these examples do not limit the many ways in which pregnancy discrimination could take place. If you believe that you have faced unfair and illegal treatment due to your pregnancy, you may want to assess the details of your predicament. If you believe that discrimination has occurred, you may want to obtain an evaluation of your situation from an experienced attorney who can help you determine your next steps.

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