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Steps to take when dealing with workplace discrimination

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2020 | Workplace Discrimination

When it occurs, workplace discrimination can come as quite a shock to employees in California. When people go to work each day, they probably don’t expect to be the victim of another person’s prejudices. However, the sad reality is that discrimination still occurs in the workplace.

Those who experience discrimination in the workplace may want to make sure that they follow a certain set of steps to make sure that the discrimination is addressed, both from an employment and legal prospective.

In general, the first step is to inform an employer’s human resources department about the discrimination. This allows the victim to create an official record with the employer and attempt to begin the process of, hopefully, seeing the employer address the issue. But, if a person’s employer is a small business or an individual, this step may not be an option because the “boss” may be the person perpetrating the discrimination as well as the person who is in charge of personnel matters.

Either way, employers need to be made aware of the fact that an employee is taking the discrimination seriously and that he or she intend to take legal action, if needed. In anticipation of potential legal action, it may be useful for victims of discrimination to keep a diary or journal to record the exact acts that are taking place, where they occurred, who was involved, and on what date the incidents occur. Keeping any evidence of discrimination, such as emails, is also prudent.

If the discrimination is to the point where it is obvious that nothing will change, it may be time to start reviewing options for potential legal action. This may include contacting the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and an attorney who is experienced in this area of the law.

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