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Sexual harassment prevention training is mandatory

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2019 | Sexual Harassment

In recent years employers and employees alike have become quite familiar with what sexual harassment is, where it occurs and how it impacts the overall workplace. Many of our readers in California, like many others throughout the country, probably once were at the point where we all thought that society was progressing past this sort of workplace harassment. But, unfortunately, workplace scandals in recent years have opened our eyes to the fact that sexual harassment in the workforce still occurs.

However, steps are being made to attempt to address this important issue. In fact, as a recent news article noted, California is one of six states in the country that mandates that employers institute sexual harassment prevention training for employees, if the employer has five or more employees. Depending on the worker’s status with the employee – supervisory, temporary worker, etc. – the sexual harassment prevention training must take place within a certain period of time from when the worker is hired and the length of time of the training session varies as well. Supervisors are required to obtain more training.

Also, as the recent article noted, the sexual harassment prevention training must be “maintained” over the course of the employee’s term of employment, which means that repeat sessions must be attended. This can help refresh the parameters of the training, as well as incorporate new ideas and aspects of how to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace.

This is a serious issue which, unfortunately, isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Anyone in California who believes they have been the victim of sexual harassment in the workplace may need to evaluate their legal options.

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