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Do you suspect your employer unlawfully fired you?

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Though you may not enjoy every aspect of your job, you still do your best to perform the duties expected of you. You may not always feel like you should be the one to carry out certain tasks, but because you value your status as a good employee, you follow orders. Because you always do your best, you may have been shocked when your employer fired you.

Then again, you may not have been entirely shocked. If your employer had been treating you unfairly for some time, you may have worried that you would continue to face mistreatment. You may already suspect that your employer illegally dismissed you, but wisely, you want more information about wrongful termination.

Illegal reasons for termination

In some cases, California employers may break the law when they fire employees. Though employers can let at-will employees go without reason, dismissals under certain circumstances could still be unlawful. Some circumstances that could point to such wrongdoing include the following:

  • The dismissal occurred in retaliation for making a claim against your employer regarding discrimination, harassment or other illegal behaviors.
  • The termination was an act of discrimination and violated federal or state anti-discrimination laws.
  • Your employer fired you for blowing the whistle on health and safety violations in the workplace.
  • Your employer dismissed you because you refused to participate in illegal activity at the request of your employer.
  • The termination came after you took family medical leave or exercised another legal right.
  • The firing violated the terms of your employment contract.
  • Your employer fired you because of your immigration status even though you have the legal ability to work in the country.

Violating the law when dismissing an employee can cause a number of issues, and if you believe that your employer wrongfully terminated you from your job, you may want to explore your legal options.

Having information and support

Gaining information on what constitutes wrongful termination is a wise place to start. You may need to go over your specific situation to determine whether it falls under any of the aforementioned circumstances. If you are unsure whether you may have reason to file a legal claim, you may want to reach out for legal support.

Consulting with an employment law attorney can allow you to gain information specific to your possible case and to gain answers to any questions you may have about this type of ordeal.

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