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Is the federal government ignoring employee rights?

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2019 | Employment Law

Some Federal Employees say they faced discrimination because they served in the military. According to the accusation against the federal government, employees that served in the Reserves or National Guard were denied promotions.

The employees believe they were denied promotions because they were often away from their civilian jobs, serving the military.

Because of the discrimination, 16 former San Diego Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) employees have brought a the DEA. The employees claim that their supervisors let them know that they may have received promotions if they had not been away from their job.

Why is this unlawful?

Members of the National Guard and Army Reserves are entitled to civilian jobs in addition to their military duty. They must be able to receive their position and pay regardless of time away from work due to military duty.

Military personnel are entitled to:

  • Remain employed by their employer
  • Receive promotions
  • Be hired regardless of their military status

Additionally, service members cannot be demoted because of time away from work on active duty. The federal government should be a leader in protecting employee rights. Surprisingly, there are numerous discrimination lawsuits against the federal government.

No matter the profession, all employees have rights. Companies may be sued for mistreatment or wrongful termination of employees. Speak with an attorney if you believe you have been a victim of workplace discrimination.

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