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The basics about wrongful termination claims

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2019 | Wrongful Termination

Anyone in California who has been fired from a job before knows that it is not a good feeling. We all depend on our jobs to provide the income our families need to buy necessities, so when a person loses a job the impact on the person’s family can be significant. However, there are some circumstances in which a person loses a job due to reasons that violate state or federal law. When this occurs, that person may have a valid wrongful termination claim to explore.

The basics of a wrongful termination claim are rooted in either the breach of an employment contract or a violation of state or federal employment laws. For example, most of our readers in California know that employers cannot fire employees on the basis of gender, religious beliefs, race or disability. The basis of the firing must be performance based, in most cases, or for other valid reasons to terminate a person’s employment.

Although less common, some employees in California and throughout the country are employed under the terms of an employment contract. These contracts usually have very specific clauses directed at how and why the person may be fired. If those terms are not followed, the employee may have a valid wrongful termination claim.

Discrimination, retaliation or the breach of an employment contract are all potentially valid reasons to pursue a wrongful termination claim. However, each situation is different, so California residents who believe that they may have a valid employment law claim may want to learn more about their wrongful termination legal options.

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