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Sexual harassment lawsuit against restaurant chain settles

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2019 | Sexual Harassment

It is probably no surprise to our readers in California that a restaurant chain like Hooters could face a lawsuit based on sexual harassment claims. After all, this particular restaurant chain hangs its trademark not just on promoting quality food, but also on the atmosphere in the restaurants and, in particular, their employees – specifically their waitresses. Needless to say, in today’s society the prospects for maintain such a business model for the long-term could prove to be challenging.

However, it may in fact surprise our readers to learn that a pair of sexual harassment lawsuits against Hooters – the last of which settled recently – were actually filed by male employees of the restaurant chain. According to a recent report, the two male employees specifically pointed to the actions of one of their bosses in particular – also a male.

The two plaintiffs filed their cases in March of 2016. One of the plaintiffs alleged inappropriate touching by the boss in question, as well as inappropriate discussions of a sexual nature and that the boss sent unsolicited pictures to the victim of a female co-worker with whom he had allegedly had a sexual relationship. The other plaintiff also made claims of inappropriate touching by the boss named in the case, in addition to continued verbal harassment of a sexual nature. One of the plaintiffs settled his claims back in May of 2017. The other, according to the recent report, just filed paperwork with the court on July 16 of this year to provide notice that a settlement had been reached.

As this recent case shows, sexual harassment is not limited to female victims. Anyone who believes they have been the victim of sexual harassment may want to evaluate their potential legal options.

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