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Religious discrimination and retaliation

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Every worker in the United States deserves to work in an environment that is free from harassment and discrimination. In fact, workers are protected by powerful anti-discrimination laws.

Unfortunately, these laws do not always prevent employers from treating employees unfairly.

In the case of religious discrimination, employees may be harassed or discriminated against based on their religious practices or beliefs.

Some potential examples of religious discrimination include:

  • Denying employees time off to pray
  • Refusing to hire or promote an employee because of his or her religion
  • Assigning unfavorable job duties to employees of a certain religion
  • Failing to consider hiring an employee because of his or her perceived religious beliefs or background

In a recent case, three Muslim employees working at Amazon in Minnesota claim that they were denied time and space to pray at work. Additionally, these employees claimed that their employer routinely assigned more unfavorable job duties to East African workers, and denied these employees promotions and training opportunities.

If you suspect that you are experiencing religious discrimination, what should you do?

If you have reported the behavior to your manager or HR and they refuse to remedy the situation, it is advisable to speak to an employment law attorney. Your employer may be violating state and federal employment laws.

As a victim of religious discrimination at work, you deserve to learn about your rights and legal options. Contact Bononi Law Group in Pasadena, California, for a free consultation. Call 213-550-5503.

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