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Executive leaves company after sexual harassment allegations

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2019 | Sexual Harassment

One of the most disheartening things about sexual harassment is the fact that many perpetrators seem to face few consequences. For example, there have been many reports from the tech industry of alleged perpetrators continuing to advance in their careers while their alleged victims feel unsafe at work and eventually leave the industry.

This may be changing. Recently, one executive left his job at California job website company ZipRecruiter after media reports surfaced of his alleged conduct while working for a previous employer. While the man was employed at ride-hailing provider Uber, the reports said he allegedly grabbed a female subordinate’s hair and groped her at a holiday party. The man was reportedly terminated shortly thereafter but was soon hired by another tech industry company and was working at a third company in an executive role when the story broke.

News reports indicated that the company’s chief executive officer sent out an email praising the executive shortly after he left the company. The chief executive reportedly said that the former executive had made many lasting contributions to the company and had helped to make the company the leader in its field. Meanwhile, a former employee described the executive’s career success as disheartening given the apparent lack of consequences he suffered for his alleged conduct.

There are legal consequences for sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is a violation of federal and state civil rights laws. When a company’s employee is found to have committed sexual harassment, the employee and the company may have to pay compensation to victims.

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