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Blowing the whistle on the many types of workplace discrimination

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Workplace discrimination is rampant. We live in an unfair society that bends and breaks the laws all the time. Unfortunately, many well-deserving employees are at risk for losing their jobs due to unfair treatment. It is important that employees know when they are being discriminated against and how to blow the whistle on such behavior.

Not all discrimination is the same. It is not always obvious when you are being purposely targeted within your workplace. You must know the different types of workplace discrimination. When you know what to look out for, you can gather evidence to support your lawsuit.

Types of discrimination at work:

Direct – This is the most obvious type of discrimination. An employer or authority figure might clearly say or do something that separates you from your co-workers.

Indirect – This is less obvious, but still puts you at a clear disadvantage. Perhaps your employer is manipulating the workplace structure in such a way that you are less valued. For example, some restaurant employers will give a discriminated employee fewer tables to wait on or a worse section compared to the others.

Association – “Guilty by association”, you may find your co-worker friends are being mistreated or disadvantaged because of your age, race, religion, etc. An employer might try to put passive pressure on those who associate with you to stop interacting with you.

Harassment – Intimidation and pressure on a specific employee to create an unbearable workplace for the discriminated individual.

Victimization– An employee might get threatening emails, slashed tires, double-meaning communication, etc.

If you suspect workplace discrimination, you need legal representation right away. Employers are notorious for not cooperating when employees lack substantial legal backup. You deserve to have your rights honored in the workplace and prevent the same treatment to another person.

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