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Victims of wrongful termination have rights under the law

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2019 | Wrongful Termination

Most employers – and most employees – in California have a large amount of freedom to terminate employment relationships under the concept of employment at will. Employers are not allowed to terminate employees for just any reason, however. California and federal law establish a number of limitations on an employer’s right to terminate an employee. One of these limitations is the prohibition of retaliating against whistleblower.

Not long ago, we told you about a high-level employee of a California auto manufacturer. The employee said that the company discharged him because he disclosed the results of a safety audit at one of the company’s factories. He said that his termination was illegal under California’s whistleblower protection statute. The company, for its part, claimed the employee was terminated for a reason unrelated to the whistleblowing.

Employers often claim that employees were terminated for a reason different from the illegal reason suspected by the employee. It can be essential for an employee to have legal assistance in presenting their wrongful termination case to a judge. Here’s where the lawyers at the Bononi Law Group, LLP may be able to help out. We represent California workers who have been illegally fired, as well as those who have experienced illegal retaliation short of firing.

The law of whistleblower protection is complex, as is the law of wrongful termination generally. Employees and former employees may wonder if their situation is covered under the wrongful termination laws. We are happy to talk to prospective clients in a free consultation to discuss their cases. For more information on the services we provide, please check out the wrongful termination page on our website.

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