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Former political figure, party accused of sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2019 | Sexual Harassment

There is a lot of evidence that sexual harassment is a deep-seated problem at a variety of employers in Pasadena and California. It sometimes seems that no sector of the economy is immune from sexual harassment and that it is a problem at all points on the political spectrum. A recent California news item is a reminder that there are many places that are negatively impacted by sexual harassment.

Three former staffers of the California Democratic Party have filed a lawsuit against the party’s former chairman and the party itself. The lawsuit alleges that the party suffered a culture of sexual harassment and intimidation during the former chairman’s tenure. The complaint states that an atmosphere of workplace drinking, retaliation and inappropriate comments reigned among the top officials at the political party.

According to the complaint, the former chairman would drink heavily during a bus tour in support of the party’s candidates. He allegedly began drinking before 10 in the morning on some occasions. It was alleged that the party paid for extra insurance to cover drinking alcohol on the bus.

The former chairman faced many accusations of sexual harassment dating from his time at the helm of the party. He stepped down a few months ago, citing the best interest of all parties. The current acting chairwoman has emphasized that everyone deserves a safe and positive work environment and that more must be done to eliminate harassment in the workplace. The former chairman’s lawyer declined to comment on the allegations. He said that the former chairman had not been served with the documents at the time.

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