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What does “quid pro quo” mean?

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2018 | Sexual Harassment

“Quid pro quo” is a legal term that courts and lawyers use in the context of sexual harassment. In Latin, quid pro quo means “something for something.” As such, a quid pro quo sexual harassment situation at work involves a co-worker or manager offering someone something in exchange for a sexual favor, sexual act or going on a date.

The so-called “offer” does not have to be over in order for it to qualify as quid pro quo. A manager only has to hint that the employee is going to receive something in exchange for following through with his or her sexual request. Or, the manager only needs to hint that what he or she wants is a sexual favor.

The quid pro quo offer, as long as it’s clear that it has been made, can be extremely subtle in nature, which, unfortunately, is how they are usually. Due to the unlawful nature of sexual harassment and the public disgust for such acts, modern sexual harassers often make an attempt to be discreet. Nevertheless, their actions continue to devastate and destroy the lives of those around them.

A quid pro quo offer could be the promise of a raise or advancement in exchange for the employee allowing a manager to engage in sexual activity with him or her. In some cases, the quid pro quo offer involves something that the manager will not do in exchange for a sexual favor. For example, a manager might ask an employee to perform a sexual act, while making it clear that in exchange for the act, the manager will not terminate the employee.

Victims of sexual harassment in Los Angeles may want to investigate their legal rights and options immediately, before their situations get worse. There may be legal strategies they can employ to make the sexual harassment stop while pursuing financial compensation and other remedies.

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