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What action can I take after being fired when pregnant?

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More women than ever are maintaining successful careers while starting families, and many have no choice but to work during pregnancy and as a new mother.

During this time, women can face challenges in being treated equally and being given the respect that they deserve in the workplace. All pregnant women have the legal right to be treated fairly and their pregnancy can never be a reason for hostile treatment or firings.

However, the unfortunate fact of the matter is that many employers are resentful toward pregnant employees in the state of California. They may feel that the impending maternity leave may have an impact on their business or that frequent doctors’ appointments are impeding efficiency. This type of outlook from employers is completely unacceptable and outdated.

If you have been made to feel undervalued as a pregnant employee or if you have been fired shortly after your pregnancy, it is important that you understand your legal rights so that you can take the appropriate action against your employer.

Do I have the right to request changes in my workload when I’m pregnant?

When you are pregnant in the state of California, you are legally classified as a temporarily disabled employee. This means that you have the exact same rights as any other employee who is temporarily disabled, and you can request amendments to your role as a result of this.

For example, you can ask for disability leave, lighter duty if you are an active worker or alternative assignments without fear of retaliation. If you are retaliated against because of this, you can take legal action against your employer.

What should I do after I have been fired?

If you are fired while pregnant, you should take the time to consider what behaviors your employer exhibited to make you believe that the reason for the firing was your pregnancy. It is not unlawful for an employer to fire a person while they are pregnant as long as the pregnancy was not related to the firing.

Make sure to understand your legal rights and take swift action so that your employer is held accountable for their discriminatory actions.

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