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Chairman of CBS resigns after sexual harassment allegations

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2018 | Sexual Harassment

CBS Chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) Les Moonves resigned last Sunday after being hit with numerous sexual harassment allegations. According to the man’s accusers, he committed a wide range of sexual misconduct against co-workers. The resignation comes in the wake of a report published by the New Yorker relating to six women who said that the CBS executive sexually harassed them during the 1980s and 1990s.

On Sunday, the Board of Directors for CBS announced that they’d reached a settlement agreement with the 68-year-old man. Part of the agreement involved the chairman’s agreement to resign. The Board of Directors also agreed to donate the sum of $20 million — deducted from Moonves’ severance package — to organizations that are supporting the #MeToo movement and women’s workplace equality. In addition, six members of the board also agreed to resign as a part of the settlement.

Depending on the results of the ongoing sexual harassment investigations being carried out by CBS, Moonves may or may not be able to keep his severance benefits package. The ex-CEO continues to insist that he is innocent of all the accusations and charges of sexual harassment being brought against him. In his resignation letter, he spoke fondly of his time at CBS with statements like this, “Together, we built CBS into a destination where the best in the business come to work and succeed.”

It’s common for those accused of sexual harassment to deny the charges. Nevertheless, when victims can produce strong evidence of the harassment in court, it doesn’t matter how many times the alleged harasser denies the allegations. The law will always side with the victim when workplace sexual harassment can be proven definitively in court.

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