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What damages can I pursue in my sexual harassment claim?

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2018 | Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment causes emotional and financial harm to employees throughout California. However, the ones who are brave enough to stand up for their legal rights in court can not only stop the sexual harassment that’s plaguing them, but they can also pursue financial compensation for the injuries and damages the unconscionable behavior has caused them.

In terms of the types of financial damages that workplace sexual harassment victims can pursue, here’s a short list of common categories of damages in such cases:

Reinstatement of your job: For employees who lost their jobs because they were retaliated against in relation to sexual harassment, they can seek to be reinstated in their jobs. Although some employees may not want to work in such a potentially toxic environment again, other employees are eager to have a fresh start in their now harassment-free jobs.

Receipt of back pay (often it’s treble pay): Employees who lost money because the sexual harassment caused them to lose their jobs and lose income, or caused them to not receive a raise or lucrative promotion, can pursue the back pay they lost as a result. They can also pursue treble damages for this amount, meaning they may be able to triple the compensation they’re owed.

Fringe benefits lost: Employees can recover lost fringe benefits as well.

Damages for emotional distress: This is a more abstract category of damages, but courts will generally seek to award money to plaintiffs who suffered emotional distress as a result of their harassment.

In addition to the above damages, other categories of damages could be recoverable by sexual harassment plaintiffs — like attorneys fees and litigation costs. If you feel you were wronged by sexual harassment at your workplace, learn more about your legal right to pursue financial compensation in court.

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