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How can managers create gender equality at work?

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2018 | Workplace Discrimination

Gender equality is not only important for the happiness of workers in a business, it’s also the law. Women and men must receive equal pay and opportunity at California businesses. However, building gender equality into a workplace culture could present a challenge for some business owners.

There are a few things business owners can do to support a gender-equal work environment. Management or the human resources team should focus on the following:

Flexibility: Many women are forced to take lesser paying jobs or jobs with less responsibility, because they need flexibility. As women often serve as the primary caretakers for children, they need more flexible work hours. By building flexibility into the positions offered at a business, business owners can create more opportunities for women.

Clearly defined working periods: Some women, because of their family responsibilities, can’t take on jobs with unpredictable working hours. When women can see that a particular job will only take a set amount of time out of their day, there is a better chance they can plan around those hours and succeed in the position.

Transparency with pay levels: One of the reasons why women receive less in pay is because no one in a business knows what anyone else is making. If pay is fully transparent, employers would be forced to treat everyone equally.

Offer management training: Equalize the playing field in management positions by offering management training to all managers. Some women may find themselves in a new role as manager, but if they lack sufficient training, they may not succeed.

These are just a few suggestions for reducing gender inequality in a workplace. If you’re currently experiencing discrimination in your workplace due to your gender or for any other reason, investigate the legal strategies you can employ to fight for your legal rights.

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