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Are young workers replacing older workers at your office?

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2018 | Workplace Discrimination

Have you been looking around your office and noticing fewer and fewer older workers? Maybe all the workers at your office over the age of 40 have been disappearing and a new, younger generation — who are willing to accept lower pay for the same kind of work – are coming in to replace them. It could be that your employer is engaging in the unlawful practice of age discrimination.

This practice is commonly referred to as “culture fit.” The employer claims that it’s trying to spruce up the “culture” of the workplace with some fresh and new ideas. What’s really going on is younger, cheaper employees are being brought in to replace the more expensive older generation. Corporations claim that they are fans of “diversity” when they’re actually hiring the same kind of person again and again: People who are young, eager and naïve enough to accept pay that is far lower than they’re actually worth.

When it’s time to retire and you’re ready to call it quits on working, you will know it. Until then, you’re welcome to keep working for as long as you continue to enjoy it. In fact, your employer does not have the right to fire you, discriminate against you, take away your job responsibilities or harass you because of your age. Your employer cannot replace you with younger, less-qualified employees because of your age. If you’re dealing with circumstances like this, investigate and learn how to protect your legal rights. Those who have been victimized by age discrimination can pursue financial compensation in court.

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