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Overtime pay is the law in California

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2018 | Wage And Hour Laws

Not so long ago, workers in the United States were subjected to long hours with very little pay, and they didn’t have much choice in the matter if they wanted to feed their families. These days, the rules are different. In the state of California, employers must pay their employees at least a minimum wage, and they must also pay overtime if the employee works over a certain number of hours in one day, or over a certain number of hours in one week.

Here’s how the overtime rules in California work:

  • Nonexempt employees shall not work over eight hours in one day, nor over 40 hours in one week unless they receive one and a half times their regular rates of pay for the extra hours worked. This applies up to the completion of the 12th hour in one day and up to the completion of the eighth hour on the seventh consecutive day.
  • Following the 12th hour of work in one day, and following the eighth hour of work on the seventh consecutive day, the employee will receive double the usual rate of pay.

Some employees may be exempt from this requirement. However, most California employees will find that this overtime rule applies to them. As such, if you feel that your employer has violated the terms of California law as it applies to the overtime pay you have the legal right to receive — and which your employer has the legal obligation to pay you — you may want to investigate your options for holding your employer accountable for the money you are owed.

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