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Why were you really fired?

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Job loss is often ranked as one of life’s events, behind the death of a spouse, detention in jail, and major injury or illness.

Being fired is bad enough. But being fired for a discriminatory reason is a horrible thing to go through – and it’s also illegal.

Wrongful termination

California employers can fire an employee for any reason, unless that reason is discriminatory in nature. For example, an employer cannot fire an employee because he or she is older, of a certain religion or disabled. Many other classes of employees are protected against wrongful termination.

Unfortunately, employers may use another excuse to fire an employee, when the real reason for firing is discriminatory in nature:

  • Poor job performance: An employer may fire an employee for poor job performance. But sometimes, employers use poor performance as an excuse to fire an employee for discriminatory reasons. An employee who has consistently performed well at work, but was suddenly fired for poor work performance may have experienced wrongful termination.
  • Reduction in force: Sometimes, businesses must restructure or reorganize to protect their bottom line. Unfortunately, employers use this opportunity to terminate certain classes of employees – employees over the age of 50, for example. If it seems like certain groups of employees have been unfairly targeted at your workplace, there may be cause for concern.

Further reading: Downsizing and Discrimination: An Illegal Combination.

Employees who have been fired or laid off need to be aware of their legal rights.

If you suspect that you were fired for a discriminatory reason, talk to an attorney about your legal options.

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