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Can workplace sexual harassment affect your health?

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2017 | Sexual Harassment


Sexual harassment is a traumatic thing that no employee should ever have to go through. Unfortunately, it happens in workplaces of all sizes, in all industries, all across the United States.

Some examples of workplace sexual harassment include:

  • Making inappropriate comments about a colleague’s physical appearance or clothing
  • Making inappropriate jokes or telling sexually explicit stories at work
  • Sharing sexually explicit videos or images on a computer at work
  • Sending inappropriate emails or instant messages to a coworker
  • Asking a coworker about their sexual orientation or sexual past
  • Inappropriately touching a coworker: Hugging, giving massages, rubbing, brushing up against, etc.

In fact, any unwanted verbal or physical acts that are sexual in nature (or those regarding sexual orientation or gender) may be considered sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment affects each victim differently.

What are some of the physical effectthat may result?

According to data compiled by Equal Rights Advocates, 90 to 95 percent of women who experience sexual harassment suffer some negative emotional or physical consequences.

Victims may be under extreme stress, and may feel anger, confusion, resentment, and other emotions. This may lead to depression and anxiety, which can affect all aspects of life, from work to family life.

Victims may turn to alcohol or drugs to cope. They may develop sleep disorders, emotional disorders, and physical ailments as the result of the harassment.

Every year, sexual harassment victims in the U.S. lose 973,000 hours of unpaid leave and $4.4 million in wages.

It is important for every workplace to ensure that sexual harassment does not happen. When it does, immediate steps should be taken to stop it. When employers fail to take action, victims have legal options.

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