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Discrimination and harassment around the world

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2017 | Sexual Harassment

Millions of working women around the world are not protected from harassment and discrimination


Workplace harassment and discrimination can happen anywhere. Fortunately, there are laws and policies in place that protect employees in the U.S. But many other countries around the world do not have such protections.

Worldwide, millions of female employees are vulnerable to sexual harassment and discrimination at work.

UCLA’s WORLD Policy Analyst Center conducted a study analyzing the employment laws and policies in the 193 United Nations countries. Some of the findings include:

  • 235 million working women around the world are not protected by laws that prohibit sexual harassment at work
  • 68 countries do not have laws in place that prohibit workplace sexual harassment
  • 126 countries do have laws in place that protect women from workplace discrimination on the basis of gender and race
  • 82 million working women around the world (living in 24 countries) are not protected against gender-based pay discrimination, discrimination in promotion/demotion, or training opportunities at work

Remember: While these statistics are sobering, it is important to remember that female employees in the United States are protected against discrimination and harassment in the workplace. It is illegal for employers to initiate or tolerate sexual harassment or discrimination against women on the basis of gender.

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