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Common hypothetical sexual harassment scenarios

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2017 | Sexual Harassment

One of the biggest problems with sexual harassment is that it often goes unnoticed. The victims of sexual harassment do not always realize what’s happening to them until things get out of control. Take a look at the following examples of sexual harassment scenarios that happen every day in Los Angeles. Have the following situations happened to you?

A female worker is at her desk trying to do her job in peace, when a male superior comes up behind her and starts to massage her shoulders. The action might seem innocent enough, especially if the male superior tries make it seem natural. However, the female employee feels uncomfortable and awkwardly turns her chair around to face the man. The problem is, the unwanted touching happens again and again on a daily basis and the female employee is afraid to speak up because of the potential consequences that could result.

A male employee is constantly subjected to jokes and ridicule from a group of female employees. They talk about him sexually whenever he walks by the break room. They make jokes about what looks like without his clothes on. At first, the male employee sees it as harmless fun, but soon he starts to feel that the ridicule is spreading throughout the office and he is the butt of everyone’s joke. He wants to the sexual jokes to stop, but he doesn’t know how to resolve the problem, especially when his manager tells him that “it’s just harmless fun.”

Have you suffered from inappropriate touching on the job? Did you suffer a different kind of sexual harassment? If you can’t get the sexual harassment to stop, you can fight back by filing sexual harassment lawsuit in state or federal court.

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