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New law seeks to stop sexual harassment by venture capitalists

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2017 | Sexual Harassment

It doesn’t matter how incredible your idea for a startup company happens to be. If you can’t get funding, you’re out of luck and your business plans will never come to fruition. This places venture capitalists in positions of enormous power — one that they sometimes take advantage of by subjecting entrepreneurs to sexual harassment.

Startup business owners — especially female ones — have long been forced to bite their upper lip and put up with the sexual harassment inflicted upon them by venture capitalists. However, this may soon change after the introduction of a proposed California law.

The California state legislature wants to address the problem of venture capitalists sexually harassing prospective business contacts. If passed, the law could result in numerous lawsuits against venture capitalists who have long-become accustomed to abusing their power in this regard, and essentially getting away with rude and downright disgusting sexualized behavior and comments that — in any other context — would clearly constitute as sexual harassment.

Have you been victimized by sexual harassment from a venture capitalist? There is no reason why anyone should ever have to put up with this kind of abuse, which sometimes takes the grotesque form of quid-pro-quo harassment in which someone is required to put up with sexual harassments and even give sexual favors in exchange for getting the funding required to move forward with a business venture.

It’s time for sexual harassment by venture capitalists to stop in California. If you’re being subjected to this kind of abuse, a California employment law attorney can help you put an end to it.

Source: Bloomberg, “California Looks to Outlaw Sexual Harassment by VCs,” Lizette Chapman, Aug. 28, 2017

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