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Were you illegally fired during a company reorganization?

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2017 | Workplace Discrimination


Company reorganizations and reductions in force are a reality that many businesses have to face. For employees, this means the possibility of job loss.

Unfortunately, some businesses use a reorganization as an excuse to fire certain employees. These employees may be targeted based on:

  • Age: Older employees may be disproportionately affected.
  • Disability: Employees with a disability may be the targeted.
  • Gender: Female employees may be let go.
  • Inclusion in another protected class: Pregnant employees, employees of a certain religion, employees of a certain ethnic background, individuals of a certain sexual orientation, etc.

Discrimination in the workplace can rear its ugly head in many ways. During a company reorganization or reduction in force, an employer may see an opportunity to lay off certain individuals or groups of employees who he or she is biased against.

It’s illegal. It’s a horrible thing for victims to go through. But these individuals have legal rights.

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