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Gender-based discrimination is still a major problem

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2017 | Blog


Despite progress in gender equality over the past few decades, gender-based discrimination and harassment still occur in workplaces.

Across the country, women experience all types of unfair treatment at work. Some examples of gender-based discrimination and harassment may include:

  • Ongoing name calling or catcalling
  • Touching, hugging or otherwise touching female employees
  • Paying female employees less than male employees
  • Giving female employees diminished job duties because of their gender
  • Laying off female employees during a company reorganization – when male employees in the same position are kept on
  • Asking female employees questions about their children (or plans to have children) during a job interview

There are many other examples of discrimination and harassment. When female employees are treated unfairly or differently because of their gender, they may have a claim against the employer.

Recent harassment and discrimination at Tesla

The American automaker Tesla has been in the news recently after several female employees sexual harassment occurring at work. They describe various forms of harassment and mistreatment by male supervisors, describing the work environment as a “predator zone”.

The female employees also complained of receiving lesser pay, being denied promotions, and experiencing retaliation after reporting the conduct

One female employee spoke out about the unfair treatment she was experiencing at Tesla. She reported unequal pay, denial of promotions, and retaliation after she went public with information about Tesla. Later, in a meeting with a Tesla executive, the employee was asked to resign and take a severance package – or be immediately terminated. After refusing to resign, she was fired.

What to do when this happens to you

Anyone experiencing sex- or gender-based discrimination at work should be aware of their legal rights. Harassment, discrimination, and retaliation for reporting this conduct are all illegal. Victims may be eligible for compensation.

It is advisable to seek help from an attorney when faced with illegal conduct at work. An attorney can protect the rights of the victim and explain all legal options.

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