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Can I take family medical leave after my baby is born?

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2017 | Family And Medical Leave

Under the Family Medical Leave Act, mothers have the right to take time off before and after childbirth or after the adoption of a baby. This is because the transition that all mothers go through is never easy, and it takes time before life will normalize again. Rather than facing the threat of losing her job, a mother has the right to receive maternity leave under the FMLA and return to the same company after.

Just like a mother, a father can also ask for medical leave after the birth or adoption of a baby. Not all fathers take medical leave at these times, but the FMLA does not ignore the important role that a father can play in caring for a newborn child.

Here are some of the rights and privileges offered under the FMLA:

— The right to take family leave or medical leave following the birth or adoption of a child or during a serious family illness.

— The right to receive continued health benefits through an employer’s insurance or an employer’s group insurance plan. However, charges for this right may apply.

— The right to return to work following the completion of the family or medical leave.

Some rules and guidelines apply to employees who want to receive family and medical leave. For example, your employer can require 30 days notice before the leave period. Alternatively, if you couldn’t have known that you would need leave, you must advise your employer as soon as possible — at the minimum, a day or two before you need to take off..

Los Angeles workers do not always know their full rights under the Family Medical Leave Act. If an employer demands that you stay at work in spite of your lawful request to take leave, the Bononi Law Group, LLP,can help.

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